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  1. Robert

    I just read the entirety of this webcomic in 3-5 hours, and boy is it amazing! The amount of effort put into this is crazy. <3

    • Micah

      Thanks so much!!! I wouldn’t say it’s a lot of extra effort, about 4-8 hours per page. But thank you!

  2. Peya Luna
    Peya Luna

    glad to see that i´m not the only one who stubbornly refuses to believe that orev´s gone the way of the dodo!
    and yeah, getting a sorta magical bullet out seems like a good idea – who knows what *other* surprises are hidden in that thing! it could be dangerous to every possessed person around hugh

  3. Bob

    Mary: On no, such a tragedy! *swipes snot on sweater*
    Orev: *walks into room with pizza*. Hey guys. *Yaaaaawn*
    Mary: What the shit Hugh? You said he was dead!
    Hugh: Dead tired.
    Mary: That he was no longer with us.
    Hugh: Because he was out for pizza. *Orev lifts up pizza box*
    Mary: You said he was gone
    Hugh: Gone out. For pizza. *Orev lifts up pizza box. Again*.
    Hugh: I was referring to the the sweater he got you for your birthday. He got it at Big Lots on sale.
    Mary: * *
    Orev: DUDE! Way to screw me over. Rude.

    • Micah

      Pfff hahah “YOU SAID HE DIDN’T MAKE IT”

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