Cars are kinda fun to render, just not to draw.

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  1. Peya Luna
    Peya Luna

    those morons are obviously over-confident – opening the trunk before entering the shedd. that way orev can simply use his awesome wings and fly away….there are a few too many to fight them, plus he´s not the kind of guy to truly harm a human, no matter how much they might deserve it.
    …also, hugh can´t faint unconsciousness worth sh#. i can see his tightly clenched shut eyes which is a dead give away

    • Micah

      I wonder how accurate your prediction is gonna be ;D

      As for Hugh’s acting skills, his expression is a little exaggerated for the reader’s sake to show how nervous he is. He’s doing his best I swear.

  2. Ponyhome

    Oh, no, they’re headed straight into the Campbell clan hideout! (speaking of crossovers…)

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