One thing’s for sure, that police sketch DEFINITELY won’t be important later... (Also drawing that was surprisingly difficult but fun. I really wanted to capture the uncanny valley-ness police sketches can have) (Also I haven’t entirely finished designing that character so... Guess I've committed to what his face will look like)

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  1. Bob

    “All I’m saying is that its OK when I do it”

  2. Peya Luna
    Peya Luna

    ok….why exactly is it bad? because if demons get kicked out of their (willing) hosts they can´t return and are basically homeless….or because it means that someone (a human) knows about their world….or because they have a rogue (deomon or angel) who is messing with the order of things?

    • Micah

      :) We’ll find out on the next page.
      But let’s just say having a host is kinda important…

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