Fifty points for whoever can guess the three background characters in the upper right (hint: cameo from an upcoming comic of mine, what a surprise)

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  1. Peya Luna
    Peya Luna

    pet shops are fun – if you´re allowed to snuggle with the merchandise 😉

    • Micah

      Those are the only pet stores worth going to, after all

  2. Bob

    Luke: Who goes to a pet store for fun
    Mary: People who already have snakes as pets
    Hugh: What the sin dude!
    Mary: What?
    Hugh: Way to dark man.
    Luke: And you just said it so fast.
    Mary: Also those with pet tarantulas.
    Hugh: DUDE!

    And I know it is Black Thursday but that is one committed pet store to be open that late.

    • Micah

      The pet store is very committed to moving the plot forward XD

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