SooOOoooo I’m trying out a new brush setting for inking pages. How’s it look? Is it even that noticeable? I think it looks better. It's got that scratchy feeling that Chapter 1 inking-on-paper had, but is still cleaner because computer

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  1. Jess

    Nah, it seemed pretty clear to me that Orev just suppressed Shaqr, so they could communicate with Robert directly. Mostly because Robert said, “He really doesn’t like you.” If Shaqr had been exorcised, then he would spoken of him in past tense. But, of course, you already know this because you wrote it.

    Sorry I haven’t emailed you yet. I took a look at my notes, which I keep on my phone out of convenience, and realized that my ideas had changed quite a bit from the original. The main idea is still the same, but I want to contemplate the minor details a bit longer before sharing it with you. I think you’ll like it, though.

    • Micah

      WELL glad it came across after all but now we have this page anyway so KEEP MOVING FORWARD is what I always say XD
      And dude, don’t worry about your ideas so much, just put em out there and let other people decide what to think. If I spent so much time thinking over Roomie before it started, you wouldn’t be reading it right now.

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