Changed my mind a few times on the post for the last panel, but I think I figured out on that's sufficiently shonen anime-like.

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  1. PokyMonster

    *Writes down names for future reference*
    Avgi… Lakobos…
    Interesting… Veeerrryyy interesting…

  2. Peya Luna
    Peya Luna

    *blinks* i don´t know sh# about what passes for shonen-like, but zev sure looks bada# in those last two panels, holding up the roof the entire time(!!) like that……though i´m kinda wondering why she´s not simply setting it down on a nearby field.
    on another note, the winged cavalary making such an epic entrance is certainly making the long wait for it worth it! Justice rains from above!!!

    • epic_null

      Setting it down might un-stun her enemies.

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