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372: from these opinions the vulgar came to think that all nations would at last be subject to the jews.

373: This said he, like all firm perswasions, is come to pass, for all nations believe the jews code and worship the jews god, and what greater subjection can be?

374: I heard this with some wonder, & must confess my own conviction.

375: After dinner I ask’d Isaiah to favour the world with his lost works, he said none of equal value was lost.

376: Ezekiel said the same of his.

377: I also asked Isaiah what made him go naked and barefoot three years?

378: he answer’d, the same that made our friend Diogenes the Grecian.

379: I then asked Ezekiel, why he eat dung, & lay so long on his right & left side?

380: he answer’d, the desire of raising other men into a perception of the infinite;

381: this the North American tribes practise, & is he honest who resists his genius or conscience only for the sake of present ease or gratification?

382: The ancient tradition that the world will be consumed in fire at the end of six thousand years is true, as I have heard from Hell.