Panel 2 is a reference to Mary's Day Off hahaha.

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  1. human

    i want that piece of jewelry so bad rn

  2. bcb

    Oh sweet, I forgot MDO was canon:)

  3. Bob

    “Since when do you have an amulet”
    “Its a LONG story”
    **Mary looking into store window. Sees Amulet**

    Ok. So. Mary sees an amulet with a symbol of a literal demon. Which she instantly recognizes from her spirit training [cough cough]. Demons, which are real. And hidden from the public so its not a fanboy or anime sigil, its the real deal. And she just wears it.
    Classic Mary. F@cking love it.

    I see Xmas tree so I wanna say its still Christmas timeā€¦ but its ‘Merica. Eternal Xmas suckas.

    Aside: dodge Omicron and have a fun Christmas and stuff dude.

    • Micah

      get outta here i love christmas >:(

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