Normal Moves


  • Copycat: Becomes a move that was used in the previous turn. Outside of battle, can become any move it recently saw another Pokémon use.

  • Double Team: The user moves so fast that it creates many copies of itself. Its opponent can't damage it unless it finds a way to determine which copy is the real one (after which the double team effect will end). GM tip: encourage your player to find a creative solution here!

  • Foresight: Allows the user to hit the enemy with moves that normally wouldn't work (for example, Normal type moves will become effective against Ghost Pokémon). This move also ends the effects of evasive moves like Double Team. Outside of battle, this move can reveal hidden objects and Pokémon to others (like Kecleon).

  • Minimize: Opponent's moves have a 1/6 chance of missing the user. Outside of battle, this move lets a Pokémon shrink to a tiny size, including objects it may be holding.

  • Tackle: No special effects

  • Transform: The Pokémon transform into its opponent. It's stats remain the same but it copies the opponent's Type and Moves. Outside of battle, the Pokémon can transform into any other Pokémon, person, or object its seen in-person before.
    • Roll Battle.
      • On a miss, the imitation is imperfect, usually with an incorrect face (classic Ditto face.)
      • On a hit, the imitation is perfect and indistinguishable. Players may attempt Use Intuition to see see past the imitation.

  • Swift: Bypasses moves that cause semi-invulnerable state (such as Fly or Dig). Outside of battle, using this move gives a Main Character +1 Fitness.

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