Nearly all moves also have attributes that may come up while Roleplaying. Be sure to familiarize yourself with that information on the Type page. (note to self i think i'm going to move that content here later to avoid redundancy)

Many of the special effects of moves include a partial chance of something occurring. This can be determined with a flat 1d6 roll

    • For example, a 1/6 chance would occur only if 1 is rolled.
    • A 2/6 chance would occur if a 1 or a 2 is rolled.

Effects do not stack if you use the move multiple times.

We have listed common moves that have been around a while, but exclusive moves or moves added by the most recent games may be missing.


Normal Moves
Grass Moves
Fire Moves
Water Moves
Fighting Moves
Flying Moves
Poison Moves
Ground Moves
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Bug Moves
Ghost Moves
Electric Moves
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Fairy Moves

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