Solve a Problem

This move is the meat and potatoes of Roleplaying.

Any time a Player declares that their PC wants to do something difficult, they have triggered this move. Oftentimes, it is obvious from context how the PC intends to go about it, but the GM may need to ask for clarification. Based on this answer, the GM will then decide which Stat the PC should Roll to determine the outcome.

When a Pokémon is acting independently from it's trainer, it can also roll to solve problems! Pokémon will always roll their Battle stat. Whether they fail or succeed, Pokémon will gain 1 XP for trying to solve a problem.

The outcome

  • On a 6 or less, the PC fails at the task. They cannot try again unless something about the problem fundamentally changes.
  • On a 7-9, the PC succeeds without any additional effects.
  • On a 10+, the PC succeeds and may choose one additional effect, or an effect from their Playbook. If a Pokémon was involved, they may find even more choices on the page for their Pokémon's Type.
    • Assist someone else: Help someone nearby with something they’re struggling with. If a fellow Main Character or Pokémon is making a specific roll to solve a problem similar to the one you just solved, they can auto succeed as if they had rolled 7-9. Otherwise, you simply take the opportunity to help in a way that makes sense in fiction.
    • Impress those around you: For the remainder of the situation, take +1 ongoing for any Performance rolls targeting anyone who watched you solve this problem. Nearby NPCs are impressed and will be more friendly towards you.
  • On a 12+, the PC succeeds and may choose TWO additional effects from the list above or additional playbook or pokemon lists.

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