You’re an adult with a job. Your job doesn’t directly revolve around Pokémon (like a Breeder or Gym Leader) but it is a vital element. You could be a doctor with a partner Chansey, a police officer with a partner Growlithe, or maybe a firefighter with a partner Squirtle. You may not be on the ultimate Pokémon Adventure like those young’uns, but when Pokémon are involved, there’s never a dull moment.


At character creation, these are your stats. You may add +1 where you please.

Unique Mechanic

What is your job? Write it down on your playbook. Gain +1 XP whenever you successfully perform a difficult task for your job. For a nurse, that could be bringing a Pokémon back to full health from the brink of death. For a police officer, that could be bringing a wanted criminal to justice. The task must be challenging and will require your GM's approval.
GM tip: The task should be something they do every 2-3 sessions or so.

Unique Attribute

  • Covered this in Training: When solving a problem that you definitely would have covered as part of your job training, take +1 to your Roll.

Unique Action

  • Networking: You can tap into the connections you've made during your career at any help to get help, advice, or a new ally. Contact someone and roll your highest stat to determine how it goes.
    • On a 6 or less: You've annoyed or offended them and burned a bridge because of it. They won't be friendly towards you in the future unless you can make up for it somehow.
    • On a 7-9: They'll help you, but you'll owe them.
    • On a 10+: They'll be happy to help and even join you for a little while if you need it.

Bonus Solve a Problem choice

  • Authority: You've proven your expertise in your field to any nearby NPCs. Influence Someone rolls targeting them will auto-succeed if you use find a way to use this authority as leverage.

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