Influence Someone

When the Main Character is directly trying to convince a PC or NPC to do something, they have triggered this action. The request must be reasonable and realistic, and the main character must attempt to be convincing through Roleplaying. The roleplaying could happen before or after the roll is made, as the Player may want the outcome of the roll to influence their play.

This roll can be used on other PCs but it does not mean they will automatically do what you ask on a successful roll. This action only creates an incentive for the other player to roleplay based on the outcome of the roll.

Roll Performance for influencing humans. For influencing Pokémon, roll Trainer.

For an NPC

  • On a 6 or less, they won't do what you've asked, and you've definitely annoyed or offended them.
  • On a 7-9, they will do what you've asked, but they will ask you to do something for them, too.
  • On a 10-12 they'll do it as long as the request was reasonable.
  • On a 12+ they'll do it and will be friendly towards you in the future. You will not need to roll to influence them again unless your relationship changes.

For a PC

  • On a 6, it's up to the other Player to decide how annoyed or offended they are. They mark experience if they go out of their way to defy you.
  • On a 7-9 they mark experience for doing what you asked.
  • On a 10+ they mark experience and take +1 forward if they do what you ask.
  • On a 12+ if they do what you as, you both mark experience and they take +1 forward.

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