Team Member

You work for an organization that follows a higher calling, and your greatest dream is to move up the ranks and maybe even take over as leader.


At character creation, these are your stats. You may add +1 where you please.

Unique Mechanic

You are part of an (evil) team. What are they like? (flesh out this section later, provide choices. The team always needs a goal)
You have a unique stat called Grunt, which starts at +1. When you successfully complete a difficult task for your team, increase Grunt +1. Whenever you fail so greatly at a task for your team that you cause them lasting hardship, decrease Grunt -1. If Grunt goes above 3, reset to +1 and take 1 XP. If Grunt goes below -2, change playbooks.

Unique Action

  • To Extend our Reach to the Stars Above: When you Solve a Problem, you can reach out to your team for help. Roll Grunt.
    • On a miss, you find out they're in even more trouble than you. They give you a new task to complete.
    • On a 7-9, they'll help, but they give you a new task. You solve the problem as if you had rolled 7-9.
    • On a 10+, they'll help. You solve the problem as if you had rolled 7-9.

Bonus Solve a Problem choice

  • Word of your achievements reaches the higher-ups of your team. Add +1 to Grunt.

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