You study Pokémon. WIP.


At character creation, these are your stats. You may add +1 where you please.

Unique Mechanic

  • Gain 1 XP when you learn something new that changes what you thought you knew about your area of expertise.

Unique Attribute

  • Hey, I know this one: You have a specific area of Pokémon expertise (evolution, eggs, regional forms, etc). Take +1 whenever you Solve a Problem directly related to this topic.

Unique Action

  • Been reading the Pokédex: When you encounter something new, you can roll Wits
    • On a hit, the GM will tell you something interesting about it
    • On a miss, your confidence takes a hit. Take -1 forward on your next Performance roll.

Bonus Solve a Problem choice

  • Made a note for next time: Take +1 forward to use the next time you roll to solve a similar problem.

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