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Read Operation:Reb00t

My high school debut into webcomics. These characters still cameo in newer works of mine, so it might be worth reading so you can spot the easter eggs.


Mary's Day Off - tRfH spinoff

Mary's Day Off is an innovative interactive webcomic about college romance, lost dogs, and Halloween.


The Psions now avaliable on Tapas

My senior capstone from college, which I started posting online for the 1 year anniversary of its Kickstarter campaign. Now features an original soundtrack!

Graphic Novels

Molly really shouldn't have anything to worry about when she goes to visit a lake house for the summer with her owner. However, once they arrive, Molly gets very anxious over a smell she doesn't recognize. How do you explain to a dog that they have nothing to worry about?

A collaboration with my grandmother.

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Cursed is a 10-part medieval fantasy adventure graphic novel series. A pair of street urchin and petty criminal brothers are cursed by a power hungry wizard for being at the wrong place at the wrong place (just kidding they totally deserved it). They team up with a lonely kleptomaniac and try to track down the wizard and get him to break their curse.

A self published fantasy adventure graphic novel.

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The Psions is a 65 page comic book about a young hacker and theater enthusiast who begins climbing the ranks in a cybercriminal organization known as The Elite. When their leader betrays everyone and pins the blame on her, she must choose between picking up the pieces of everything she worked for, or selling her soul for power and joining him to build something anew.

My senior capstone project.

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Concept Art

Other projects

I dabble in a lot of random stuff...

The Tiktok art professor

Bite-sized art tutorials that cover everything from anatomy, digital art tips, and time saving art hacks that practically feel like cheating.

I now offer portfolio reviews and private art lessons, too.

Pokémon TTRPG

I don't like any of the Pokémon TTRPGs currently out there so I designed my own. A Powered by the Apocalypse game with a streamlined battle system, which encourages roleplaying and problem solving.

Writing Prompt Generator

A writing prompt generation system that uses a standard deck of playing cards to give you new story ideas for your pre-existing cast of original characters.

About Me

These artist statement sections always say the same thing, so let's cut right to what makes me unique. A cancer surviver since high school, I'm filled with a constant sense of existential awareness that keeps me motivated to make sure I leave a mark on this world before I die- in the form of comic books, apparently. Despite facing my mortality when my biggest worry was supposed to be what to wear to prom, my work rarely touches on themes of death, but you can still find a healthy dose of nihilism if you look hard enough. Identifying as non-binary, I find my work also explores the idea of gender, identity, and the body, from demons whose pronouns change each time they possess a new host, to an entire issue of a comic that revolves around a genderbent alternate universe.

But themes and plots are only one half of the comic book pie- my first love is to drawing. I have a particular talent for conveying emotion through facial expressions and body language, drawn in an art style that's just realistic enough to keep the tone of my work flexible, yet minimalist and never dragged down by unnecessary details. I'm constantly exploring, experimenting, and improving. 

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