There's a lot of items in the Pokémon video games. They can all exist in this system, too! This page groups them by rarity and lists their effects.

An item system is optional and up to each group to decide how much they want to use such mechanics, as overdoing it could really bog down a game.


  • Common items are easy to obtain and can be used freely by any Main Character without needed to closely track inventory. They can start with any at character creation.
  • Uncommon items are relatively easy to obtain, but cannot be owned at character creation. Players must make a point to mention when their character visits a shop to get more, and they may not always be in stock. The Main Character must realistically have funds to buy them, though money and inventory need not be closely tracked.
  • Rare items are hard to obtain. They are not sold at most shops, if they are even sold at all, and Main Characters will need to make a special trip to find them or work towards gathering the required funds. Inventory must be tracked for these items.
  • Ultra Rare Items are unique or only a few of a kind. Getting ahold of one will take multiple sessions and lots of problem solving. Inventory must be closely tracked for these items.

Common Items

Uncommon Items

Rare Items

Ultra Rare Items

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