Ace Trainer

You dream of emerging as the Champion of your local Pokemon League or other sort of challenge. You sleep, eat, and breathe pokemon battles. You are highly driven and technical. You wanna be the very best, like no one ever was!

If battles aren't your thing, perhaps you pursue other forms of competition, such as contests!


At character creation, these are your stats. You may add +1 where you please.

Gym Challenger:

Contest Coodinator:

Unique Mechanic

The road to achieving your dream is paved with certain milestones, such as ribbons or badges. Write down what these are on your playbook.

Take +1 XP whenever you achieve one of these milestones, and your GM will add +1 Bond to every Pokémon in your party at the time.

Unique Actions

  • Pep Talk: At the start of a battle, choose one Pokemon to give advice or encouragement, and roll Empathy. On a 7-9, it gets +1 to Battle ongoing. On a 10+ it also gets +1 temporary HP.
  • Heroic Sacrifice: When solving a problem with Empathy, you can auto succeed, but you must pay a terrible price.

Bonus Solve a Problem choices

  • Your entire party of pokemon gets +1 forward for the remainder of the situation.

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