Powered by Pokemon

The fanmade Powered by the Apocalypse Pokémon tabletop game!

There are other great Pokémon TTRPGs out there, but if you want to focus on roleplaying, story, and plot, this is the system for you! This system intends to emulate the pacing and general vibe of the Pokémon anime and manga. Battles are quick and streamlined, and players are encouraged to problem solve and think outside the box!

For now, everything you need to know about this system lives on this wiki.

This site is still a work in progress, but all the main mechanics have been developed already.

This game is built on the following main elements:

During a session, the game will operate in one of two modes:

Or maybe you just want to jump right into Getting Started

Powered by Pokémon is a fanmade TTRPG. The Pokémon franchise is owned by Game Freak and Nintendo. This entire project is not for profit. If you want to help with site hosting, though, you can toss a few bucks my way.

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