So the review went great and I’m so pumped about comics that I lost all motivation to finish my homework orz

I showed the editor the first 24 pages of Roomie as well as this thing and this other thing.

According to him:
Things I’m doing well:

  • Clean linework, especially in Cursed. I think he really liked the clean and refined look of it.
  • Solid page layouts, always a good thing
  • Some of the characters looked really round and three dimensional, mostly Leo and Winn from Cursed
  • My hand lettering is good (except as of now I never hand letter my personal projects so I guess that’s not so relevant)

Things I need to work on:

  • Things can get too wordy, especially in the cancer comic and Cursed (which kinda makes sense because the former has a lot of narration and the latter has the walking-word-vomit-character Archenhaud in it).
  • Cursed was a little too monotone as far as overall shades of gray, which I noticed upon printing it and totally agree.
  • Apparently I need a more unique style? Or need to get more comfortable in my own style. Or something. I think the point was to be mindful of setting myself apart from other indie creators.
  • Some other characters didn’t hold up as well to looking three dimensional, particularly Mary and Arch from Cursed (something about tall angular faces???)

But most importantly my work is in a good place and I’m ready to start frequenting conventions and selling my stuff. In other words my work is starting to be on a professional level :’D


Time to figure out how to print and assemble minicomics.