Coming up on page 150 has me super excited! I was just thinking to myself that Roomie needs a TvTropes page. Now, I AM a troper myself, but not much of an editor. What I’d really appreciate is if someone could make a page for Roomie and just add in like 5-10 tropes. You don’t even have to crosswick them on the trope page, I can do that. I just need the basics. I’d maybe do it myself if it were someone else’s comic, but it’s hard to do for my own since I lose track of what tropes I’ve used in the pages that have been posted and what tropes are in pages I’ve written or drawn but haven’t gone live yet.

Thank you so much! If you take on this challenge I’ll even draw you some art for your services!


EDIT: LOL forgot I had this scheduled, I put 150 in as an estimate but I ended up blowing past it before this post went up.

Well, numerical inaccuracies aside, the request still stands.