I hope you guys voted this way because you care about my well being and will patiently wait for the comic to return without anything to keep you entertained in the meantime, and not because the other choices seemed lame and you wouldn’t be interested in them if I posted something because you don’t really care anyway O-O… Or maybe you’re all just from Comic Rocket (seriously I don’t know what’s up with that thing, it can’t seem to handle pages getting deleted)

Plagues of self doubt that all content creators struggle with aside… See you all in two weeks! I already have two pages done (yay buffer), and you can pay attention to the “Upcoming Pages” section on the right sidebar if you want to see how many more I can finish before the comic returns.

I’m also back to streaming on a regular basis, where you can watch some of these pages get drawn in real time Friday evenings. I’ll also be working on Cursed Tuesday evenings, if you want sneak previews of that project. It’s kind of super behind schedule, so I’m excited to use this hiatus so rectify that problem.

Finally, I don’t like aggressively plugging it, but I have a Patreon and I’d be thrilled if you would consider signing up and donating. I haven’t run out of money yet, but drawing comics is definitely easier when you don’t have to keep calculating out how long you have until you need to find a “real job.” ><