I’m Micah Amundsen, a recent graduate from the University of Wisconsin Stout. While I was there, I studied comics and illustration, and got a degree in Entertainment Design (and a minor in Computer Science). Now I spend my days drawing comics and selling art online.

I’m an extremely passionate and driven individual. I like to blame my unbridled motivation and workaholism on being a cancer survivor and constantly remembering my mortality, but nobody can say for sure. Despite that grim notion, my work is usually lighthearted and energetic. I love telling stories about friendship and identity, and I take pride in having a particular talent for conveying emotion through nuanced facial expressions and body language in my characters.

Contact: micahamundsen@gmail.com

I’m not a furry artist, I just don’t like drawing my own face.


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  1. Mary
    Mary · May 24, 2015 at 18:36:54 ·

    sorry to bother you but are you the same mariah amundsen who did a voice on gravity falls? i love your art btw. youre really talented.

    1. Maya
      Maya · June 29, 2015 at 17:48:47 ·

      Yes that is me! And thank you so much!!

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