The Psions - graphic novella

The Psions – graphic novella

The Psions was my senior capstone project at UW Stout. I wrote and illustrated the whole thing between the Fall 2017 and Spring 2018 semesters, ran a Kickstarter to fund printing, and finally had it printed and self published May 2018. I’m also quite proud of the presentation I gave at the Stout 2018 Senior Show to promote the comic, which you can watch a recording of here.

The Psions is a 65 page comic book about a young hacker and theater enthusiast who begins climbing the ranks in a cybercriminal organization known as The Elite. When their leader betrays everyone and pins the blame on her, she must decide between picking up the pieces of everything she worked for, or selling her soul for power and joining him to build something anew.

Sample pages from the comic are below.